Amateur Radio Operator

KC1MJP - Michael

The proper use of the phonetic alphabet ensures your message cuts through noise and interference. This is surprisingly useful in situations other than radio where similar sounding letters need to be distinct.

Phonetic Alphabet

Letter Phonetic Letter Phonetic Number Phonetic
A Alpha N November 0 Zero
B Bravo O Oscar 1 One
C Charlie P Papa 2 Two
D Delta Q Quebec 3 Three
E Echo R Romeo 4 Four
F Foxtrot S Sierra 5 Five
G Golf T Tango 6 Six
H Hotel U Uniform 7 Seven
I India V Victor 8 Eight
J Juliet W Whiskey 9 Niner
K Kilo X X-Ray    
L Lima Y Yankee    
M Mike Z Zulu    

Older Phonetic Alphabet

Don’t use the old system from WWII still used by American police…

A – Adam B – Boy C – Charles D – David E – Edward F – Frank G – George H – Henry I – Ida J – John K – King L – Lincoln M – Mary N – Nora O – Ocean P – Paul Q – Queen R – Robert S – Sam T – Tom U – Union V – Victor W – William X – X-Ray Y – Young Z – Zebra