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KC1MJP - Michael

Just a spot for things I found interesting and/or helpful in the world of Amateur Radio.

Local Rhode Island and New England

Shack Building:

  • So you’ve finally got your ticket, radio is setup and antenna is in the air… Have you thought about grounding at all? Probably not… or… even worse… it’s unsafe. Don’t feel bad, most of us hams probably have suboptimal grounding systems. W8JI has a nice writup on his station and it’s grounding, which is so good, there’s no need to disconnect due to an incomming storm! (IMHO, I still wouldn’t operate in stormy weather). While we don’t need to go all out (after all, money is an object to most of us), but building a safe station should come first, fun second.
  • Let’s go mobile! K0BG’s website is dedicated to the mobile operator. Learn about antennas, mounts, wiring, grounding, and more! Also how to deal with that engine/altenator whine!
  • CloudLog (My Logbook of choice)

Some other cool stuff