Amateur Radio Operator

KC1MJP - Michael


Hi all! I’m Mike (KC1MJP), and I’ve been licensed for just over month. Super new to the hobby, and like many of us I came from the CB/FRS world wanting more than dirty radios, poor range, and the same old discussions. Getting over my Mic Fear I’ve found Hams to be very warm and welcoming to the new guy. Also looking forward to all the cool things I can now do with Ham Radio.

Right now, my radio loadout isn’t much, but it’s a start:


  • BaoFeng UV-82HP
  • Leixen VV-898E

In the Shack

  • RCI-2990 (on loan for 10m)
  • RCI-2950 (again, on loan)
  • Kenwood/Trio TS-820S (no VFO display)
  • Uniden 710e CB
  • Sears RoadTalker 40 SSB
  • Pile of other misc CB radios

It’s not much but it’s mine (mostly lol). Eventually as I can afford it, I’ll upgrade and replace most of the above with actually good radios. Execpt the TS-820S, I’d like to actually repair that once I find the time and an Elmer kind enough to help me. For now I’ve been using the local repaters and at least listening to the local nets. One of the next things on the to-do is to pickup a 2m/440 radio for the shack complete with antenna, so I can actually participate in the local nets; and maybe a TNC and start playing with APRS and a few other digital modes. Super intrested in APRS, satellite, moon-bounce, FT8, etc.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for my adventures in Ham Radio!

73’s! KC1MJP Clear.